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Direct Mail Campaigns for
Real Estate Investors


Let Christina Krause
and the Postal Impact team
work for you!

Learn From Data-Driven REI Expert,
Christina Krause

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Smart Data.
Better Results.

We Do It All!

Leads Matter

We use data to identify the highest value leads that are working across the country. We handle the mail start to finish. We give you a consistent, methodical follow-up system.

Territorial Exclusivity

We mail and manage campaigns for only one client in each area.

Done-For-You Direct Marketing Campaign

Regularly scheduled custom assets including premium hand-addressed envelopes with a first class stamp. We get you noticed.

Data Analysis

Our team tracks your KPIs to make your journey campaign stronger over time.

The Postal Impact Team

Our most valuable asset at your fingertips – powered by strong customer service, eye-catching creativity, and cutting-edge data analytics. We are here to serve.

Get Your Phone Ringing!

At Postal Impact we want to help you grow your real estate investing business. Stop guessing what marketing will work for you and start feeling confident that you’re on the right path. Get your phones ringing!

The largest investors in the country use Postal Impact’s industry-leading data and done-for-you services to grow their businesses. Learn how you can become one of them.

Be sure to download your free copy of “The Probate Book” by Christina Krause.