You’re an investor. Your top job is making and closing great deals. We help you do this by managing all of your probate and direct marketing campaigns for you, start to finish. You do what you do best, and let us do the rest.

Ready to Launch Your Real Estate Marketing Machine?

Step 1:

You tell us about your real estate business and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Step 2:

We help you craft an uncommon, leading-edge, direct marketing campaign, tailored to your business and your target market of choice.

Step 3:

It all happens completely done for you. We’re the marketing machine working behind the scenes for you, so all you do is answer the phone.

What We Do For You:

Multi-Touch Marketing

High profit real estate investor marketing is systematic & repetitive, touching each lead multiple times. We put this on full autopilot for you. More…

Targeted Direct Marketing

It’s so simple: We meticulously mine data for you (your county’s probate filings, absentee owners, high equity, etc.) and you get a custom direct mail campaign crafted, then systematically deployed for you. More…

Total Campaign Management

From mining, sorting & merging leads to letters, to meticulously tracking & deploying follow-up campaigns, even lead removal requests… we can handle it all for you. More…

Lead Exclusivity

While we limit to a max of 2 investors per county by default, you can gain a serious edge over other investors with lead exclusivity for certain types of leads, and basically ‘own your market’. More…

Concierge Service

We make your REI marketing simple, easy & automatic, so you can feel confident & rest easy knowing you’ve got proven campaigns happening like clockwork. More…

For Investors, By Investors

We get you. We’re investors too & this explicit approach is our #1 source for high-profit deals. So we make this as simple, uncomplicated & rewarding as possible for everyday investors. More…

What People Are Saying

Client Testimonials…

JP Moses

These guys have made our probate marketing a cakewalk. Even though almost all our home-run deals have come from probates, I’ve still always struggled somehow to stay consistent with probate marketing on my own. Never again because Postal Impact flat-out solved this for us. Now our campaigns just roll out like clockwork, and we land probate deals like never before now. My favorite part is that I don’t even have to think about it!

JP MosesThe House Guys–Memphis, TN
Steve Cook

In all of my years and 500+ deals as a real estate investor, my best deals have always come from probates. The only challenge has always been finding a way to keep probate leads consistently coming in. Thanks to Postal Impact this is simply no longer a problem. Their own personal experience with probate deals have allowed them to refine this to a science. They make it so easy, and know the right times to send the letters to get you the best results. They keep your phone ringing and the probate leads coming in, and will literally save you years of figuring it out for yourself.

Steve CookLifeonaire–Baraboo, WI

Ready to launch your real estate marketing machine?

Now you don’t have to be a direct marketing expert, or create your own systems, hire a team or manage the process at all. We can handle it all for you, you just answer the phone. So now, you can rest easy and feel confident knowing you’ve got proven marketing campaigns, tailored to your business and local market, happening like clockwork, over and over again. Just reach out and tell us a little about your real estate business and marketing goals, and we’ll go from there.

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